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Unlock the full potential of your sales & marketing efforts with BoostGenie™️, our powerful and intuitive automation software. Designed by KSC Marketing, BoostGenie™️ allows you to capture new leads, nurture them into customers, communicate across several platforms to foster and build relationships, and create efficiencies all along your marketing workflow and sales pipeline.

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Workflow Automation

Boost your efficiency with marketing automations.

Social Media Management

Schedule and monitor your social media posts in real-time.


Build your entire website on the BoostGenie™️


Reputation Management

Monitor your brands reputation in one location - BoostGenie™️.


Data that helps you make educated business decisions. Keep track of every campaign in one central location.

CRM & Pipeline Management

Manage your contacts and opportunities.

Accept Payments

Connects to your Stripe account and start accepting payments right away.

Membership Portal

Create an entire online community within your BoostGenie™️ account.

Boost Your Marketing Efficiency with BoostGenie™️

With BoostGenie™️, you can harness the power of various communication avenues, including email, SMS, chatbot interactions, and AI voice calls. Create engaging email sequences for lead generation, welcome messages, nurturing campaigns, and sales funnels. Plus, build your email list effortlessly, schedule social media posts, automate workflows, and manage your online reputation.

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